Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Halfway Measures

I've spent a lot of time lately accusing my online pals of being disingenuous (I do love that word) in their arguments against health care reform. You don't believe these things you're saying, I tell them.

It's wrong to tell people what they think. Better to just take them at their word.

So in the spirit of understanding, I'm going to assume these are all genuine principals and not insane talking points you're concerned with. I'd like to help out Republicans and make suggestions for their next social programs to fight.

THE POST OFFICE - The post office has been a huge drain on our tax dollars for long enough! And allowing it to continue has crippled UPS and FedEx. The post office maintains an unfair monopoly on mailboxes, thus forbidding any material to be delivered to peoples homes. If we allow the government to carry mail, it could read your personal information.

THE ARMED FORCES - the government has no business providing for the common defense. Mercenaries are more efficient, and an army composed entirely of them could support itself with the spoils of war! In fact, it could turn a tidy profit. The very idea of people having to "serve" their country is just a code word for socialism. You know who else had armies? Hitler!

LAW ENFORCEMENT - Oh sure, you liberals HATED the police in the sixties, but now you just love them! This is another program that is burdened by bureaucracy and red tape. If you privatize the police force, they can determine what is a crime and what isn't, and use prison labor to generate profits. If big government is allowed to run the police, they next thing you know they'll make LAWS, which violates YOUR personal freedoms!

GOVERNMENT - experiments in privatizing this industry through lobbyists has proven quite successful so far.

You're welcome. And don't forget, if we're allowed to pass a public option, the bill says all the American doctors will be fired and replaced with illegal Mexican doctors!

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Publius said...

I'm with you on the post office. Dump it. But on the military and the police you are confused. The police are not federal.

As a matter of fact, I have written that most small police forces should be eliminated in favor of enlarging as necessary the country sheriff's offices nationwide. We do NOT need every little podunk town with a fully staffed and equipped police force. It is a waste of money, leads to harassment of the citizens, and most small police forces are incredibly amateurish.