Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Guns, No Guns. Whatever.

...As far as I can tell, it has happened twice. Last week in New Hampshire, a gentleman had a gun strapped to his thigh. And yesterday a dozen gun-rights activists carried some weapons at an Arizona event. It was all perfectly legal and the Secret Service was hardly worked up about it.

I believe in gun rights, but I also think sporting guns at what are supposed to be peaceful, democratic protests sends the wrong message. But from what I've seen so far, I can't get super worked up over it, either.

-Jonah Goldberg

Yeah, I'm with Jonah. A dozen people showing up to a debate packing heat, or a guy hanging around Presidential appearances with an AR-15 slung over his shoulder may send the wrong message. Me, I am choosing to get super worked up over it. Then again, it's not like they're wearing T-Shirts critical of the president. Maybe we should cut these heavily-armed patriots a li'l slack, huh?


wamk said...

You do realize the guys in AZ were pulling a publicity stunt, right?

And you also realize that those with guns were nowhere near the President, right?

Danielk said...

Publicity stunt? What for? Gun sale at Sears?

Seriously, what idea were they publicizing?

wamk said...

Read the article(s) and learn.

Publius said...

I am much more frightened of Democrats than citizens with guns. Democrats are far, far more dangerous.

wamk said...

Just wondering, what did the White House and the Secret Service say about the guns at rallies?

wamk said...

Hey Piker, did you find out any information on that guy carrying the rifle in Phoenix yet?

Danielk said...

I'm wondering that too, WAMK. How sad that neither of us know! Especially since it's such a vague question that its impossible to google. Oh, if only I had something to go on, I could look it up!

So this guy "Chris" was wearing the guns to demonstrate that there in Arizona he had the right to wear guns. And you believe that was the only message he was trying to send, choosing to make that statement outside a place where our most assasinatable citizen was speaking?

wamk said...

I'll go back to my early comment/question:

What did the White House and the Secret Service say about the guns in attendance?

wamk said...

What's that old saying?

"Give a man fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime."

I forget that you are a Lib sometimes, and therefore incapable of finding things or your own. You prefer to have things handed to you.

Here Piker, have a fish:


Danielk said...

Look at that! An actual statement! You make so few of those.

I'm not saying it's not legal, and I'm not saying the Government should force people to not bring guns. I'm saying it makes you look like a bunch of terrorists who are devoted to stopping free speech through a campaign of fear.

Oh, I'm sorry. I meant "salesmanship".

wamk said...

As opposed to how you guys stop free speech, by assaulting people, locking out meetings, and using your union thugs?

Yeah, you guys look really civil.

I question how many of these people with the Nazi signs, guns, and such are really Conservatives, and not plants.

Danielk said...

That reminds me, where is that guy's lawsuit? I'd have thought he'd file by now. Especially with all those terrible injuries to pay for.

You're right of course. If you're looking for the civil ones at a debate you always go to the ones packin' heat. Or shouting down Barney Frank while holding a picture of Obahitler.

wamk said...

What political Party does that woman belong to?

It's also cute how Democrats are all of a sudden concerned with Hitler imagery and the office of the President.

It's not like Kos had any references to Bush as Hitler, right?

Spare me the outrage.

Danielk said...

Fair enough. If your side isn't bothered about the rise of Nazi imagary in America, I shouldn't be either.

I read the quote but I didn't see the clip. Did she self-identify as a Democrat? If she did, do you believe her?

wamk said...

I'm just happy that after you ignored the President of the United States being compared Hitler for 6 years, you've finally realized that it isn't a nice image to have plastered all over the place.

As much as I dislike his policies, he's still my President.

Danielk said...

I'm sorry you guys were so sensitive about that. Having seen OUR president sued in office for specious rape charges left us a little jangled, and we may have overreacted.

Anyway he's YOUR president except he's probably not a citizen and even if he is, you hope he fails.