Thursday, December 04, 2008

GWK Addendum

Can you spot the misused words in the following?

I'll start your Prop 8 post for you. What is your fantasy response to this factual article?
Legislating Immorality
By the Editors
The words are "factual" and "article". The NRO piece you cut and pasted is what the MSM calls an "editorial". It's an OPINION. So my previous post? That's a response in kind. People who confuse editorials and articles are the same ones who believe that The O'Reilly Factor and Countdown with Keith Olberman are newscasts. Or, I'll wager in GWK's case, they believe one is a newscast and the other isn't.

Still thanks for the comments - I got two days worth of postings out of 'em so far! If I'm lucky I can spin a few more out comments to this.


wamk said...

Syntax errors aside, the Op-Ed you reference contains many facts, does it not?

Danielk said...

Sure. So does COUNTDOWN.

I'm not sure what GWK wants me to comment on, because the subject of gays pursuing revenge is a thought-provoking but entirely new subject.