Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year's Wish

Happy New Year! (?)

Yeah, I know, that question mark. It's troubling. Well look, I certainly hope the year is good for you, and I hope you thrive. I want you to be happy because a rising tide raises all boats. The more happy people, the better off I'll be.

But let's face it, somewhere between the worst-case scenario and the best, there is a likely middle-ground, and that's the one where we're both living on the sidewalk and eating beans out of a dented aluminum can. 

During the coming year, one of us is probably going to kill a hobo for the superior newspaper lining in his jacket. Some of us will sell our bodies for time at an iPod charger; some will rationalize that it's not "losing your leg to frostbite" if you eat the leg.

I see a handful of people coming out ahead in the next year, and I see a renaissance in the appearance of black top hats and monocles.

Oh christ - we'll probably have musicals back again.

Look, don't worry about it. My predictions are usually wrong. I'm really, really ambivalent about the top hats.


Publius said...

re we allowed to say Happy New Year to you without you getting all indignantly atheist and stuff?


Danielk said...

Happy New Year back atcha Pub. And now that it's safe, a belated Merry Christmas.

Publius said...