Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Impolite To Forget the Thank-You Note

Iraqis - you just can't win with those people.

Ha ha, seriously. After we've sacrificed 4,000 American lives to the cause of liberating their country from a brutal dictator, they side with the guy who threw shoes at the president? What the hell, muzzies! You wouldn't even have the freedom to demonstrate against the President if Saddam was still in charge! Well, maybe our president, but not yours!

If the shoe was on the other foot (sorry, was that too much?) things would be different. You can bet that if we were unhappy with our president, we'd be grateful for an outside country to come in, bomb the hell out of us, and hunt him like a dog, then install a new governement that they trusted. We'd greet them as liberators! I for one would be willing to forgo twenty hours of electricity a day in exchange for, say the Taliban, coming in and replacing the Bush administration with previously unknown taliban sympathizers. I wouldn't mind swapping out my fear of illegal wiretaps with fear of kidnapping or IEDs. I'd welcome the sight of Taliban troops keeping me safe.

Who wouldn't?

It's kind of an absurd scenario, obviously. For the Taliban, let's substitute an army hired by Columbian Drug Lords. Makes sense now, doesn't it?

No wonder Americans can't figure out why Iraqis hate us, after all we've done for them. Those people are nuts.


Publius said...

My guess is, if we had a plebicite there that simply stated "Do you want us all out NOW, or not," we would get most answer "or not."

Danielk said...

I think they've done that poll, and the response favored "now". Of course that was in March; maybe they're more used to us.