Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Golden Unicorn Status: A Clarification

When I describe Barack Obama as a happy golden unicorn, understand I don't believe he is magical or above corruption. Rather he is closer to those things than MOST POLITICIANS. I'm grading on the curve. He is, for example, less corrupt and more magical than Bill Clinton. And he appears as uncorrupt as is possible to function in American politics nowadays. I hope I'm perceiving correctly.

I cannot cite specific examples of his magicalness.


gwk said...

He actually reminds me of John Gotti, 'the teflon don', as he was known when he was running the mob.

Nothing sticks to BO, either. Yet.

Can't wait for the rest of the 299+ hours of those wire-tap tapes of Blago to be released.

BTW - did you see how badly BO was stuttering & stammering earlier today, when he was again denying he or his office had no contact with the gov.?

He sure isn't nearly as smooth when he doesn't have his answers memorized or on tele-prompter.

Danielk said...

Yeah, the difference between Obama and Bush is Obama eventually picks words that form a sentence.

Assuming Fitzgerald releases the rest of the tapes, you'll probably be disappointed - he's already said that Obama doesn't have any involvment.

gwk said...

No, actually, he did not say that. What Fitzgerald said was, in this singular complaint / indictment that was filed, BO was not involved.

And then he also said that until the investigation was complete, he was not able to elaborate any more.

We'll see what the next 299+ taped hours, plus the ongoing interviews, bring.

Danielk said...

Then I remain cautiously optimistic.

Publius said...

Dude, I am from Illinois. Anyone that thinks Obama is bambi in the woods, clean as the driven snow, has fallen for the Media gauze that has been spread over him.

There ARE no clean Illinois politicians.