Friday, December 26, 2008

The Kind of People You Ally Yourself With

Church Members Dress Like Jesus to Protest Secularization of Christmas

"Members of a church in Kansas City, Ks., are protesting the secularization of Christmas by dressing like Jesus at their jobs, malls and restaurants.

"Pastor Kelly Lohrke advised parishioners of the Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship to wear at minimum a crown of thorns and a sash or robe during the week leading up to Christmas."

Waitress, I'll have the chicken soup and kosher... never mind.


Publius said...

The problem everyone dressing like Jesus Christ is when you get mad and yell out "Aw, Jesus Christ," everyone turns and says, "Yes?"

Danielk said...

Plus it artificially raises the price of crowns o' thorns by temporarily increasing demand.

Publius said...

Don't forget togas! I HATE it when togas spike in price.