Thursday, December 04, 2008

Let's Outlaw Ann Coulter!

Okay, here's why "the will of the people" is not a terrific reason to let Prop 8 stand. I'll start with often overlooked fact - gay people are, in fact, people. People who would like the option of getting married. The fact that there are more people who were fooled into thinking that this would somehow lead to bestiality or the end of civilization is beside the point. They were granted the right to marry because California's constitution, as written, already gave them that right.

(By the way, in the several countries where Gay Marriage is allowed: no rise in bestiality, civilization still thrives. In fact, there isn't even more homosexuality! There is, however, a decrease in gay promiscuity. What's the opposite of a slippery slope? Gay Marriage is a sticky plain.)

I don't like the idea that a larger segment of the population can bully a smaller segment; and as a white guy I can say that by 2050 I'll probably be in the minority in this country. Certainly in California. What if someone convinces the majority of voters that white people can't be trusted to hold public office? It's illegal to ban us from being mayor, but if we amend the constitution to say it ISN'T illegal, well, no more Mayor Chad Smith.

I have decided that doggy style is a bad sexual position - let's outlaw that. Unenforceable? Not if we allow bedroom surveillance. Illegal? Doesn't have to be.

Hey, I like Obama as president. Let's amend the constitution so that he can serve 8 consecutive terms! He's pretty popular; I bet I can find enough people to get it on the ballot.

People are the worst people to put constitutional amendments into the hands of. The constitution is like the motherboard of a democracy - you want a trained geek (let's call them "judges") to upgrade it, not your brother-in-law who doesn't even own a computer but who thinks it would be cool if one could light up when you press the escape key.


wamk said...

It's called "Democracy", Piker. Majority rules.

That's why yuor guy won the Presidency, remember?

It's not "bullying" when the majority outweighs the minority. The minority just needs to do a better job at pleading their case.

It took several ballot measures, and several election cycles before small amounts of marijuana were declared "ok" in Colorado. I'd be willing to bet that there will be "civil unions" allowed in a majority of the States by 2016. The word "marriage" is sacred to a great many people Piker. That's where the sticking point is, in my opinion.

You say it's best to let the judges decide what the laws should be. Would you feel the same way if the Supreme Court was made up of 9 Clarence Thomases?

As far as amending the Constitution to allow Obama to run for more than two terms, it's well within your right as a citizen to try and get that matter brought up before Congress. Would it get the required support of the States to pass? Probably not. But nothing stops you from trying to do it. Just like nothing is preventing teh Prop 8 folks from trying again the next election cycle.

As to your dislike of doggie style, that is an issue best left to you and your "partner".

Publius said...

Failed analogy.

Ann Coulter's work is political criticism. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights protects all political free speech.

Try again.

Danielk said...

Both measured responses! Nice.

My objection to prop 8 though is that creates an internal conflict in the state constitution. As written, it already allowed same-sex marriage. The amendment is the equivalent of "...all men are created equal EXCEPT THE BLACKS. They're only 4/5ths human." Sure it's a law arrived at fairly, but it's an unfair law.

Publius,the amendment would read like this: "Political Free Speech is protected, EXCEPT ANN COULTER." Mission accomplished.

WAMK, I actually kind of like doggie style, especially with strippers.