Wednesday, December 10, 2008

That's Not Change You Can Believe In!

I held off on Rod Blagojevich yesterday for two very sound reasons. The first, I figured that as a Democrat, right-wing bloggers would be doing the heavy lifting on it anyway; and two, I didn't want to keep looking up that damn last name. I have some Polish blood (Blagojevich isn't Polish, but close enough) and even I can't wrap my mind around those crazy consonants.

It's gratifying to see so much left-wing attention paid to the story though. Olberman devoted 15 minutes to it last night; Rachel Maddow put in what sounded like 40 to me. Stephanie Miller's show was all over it this morning. We want the guy out as much as the Republicans do, probably even more so. I admit that one reason that we're not hesitating is this, a recorded statement found among the many others:

Blagojevich was overheard complaining ...that Obama's people are "not going to give me anything except appreciation." He added: "(Expletive) them."
You couldn't ask for a better incriminating statement. It leaves Obama's happy golden unicorn status untouched. Interestingly, a tip to Fox News viewers: the Fox News website doesn't think that one is newsworthy enough to include. Well, probably no one is that interested in Obama's role in all this. Who would be, right?

Another fun aspect of Blagejovich's fall is it's spearheaded by that far-left zealot Patrick Fitzgerald. Ha ha, Scooter Libby supporters! How you like Fitz now?

Well, it's all over except for Mr. B's resignation, which I hope happens soon so the criminal trial can proceed in relative peace. It's hard work throwing people under the bus, and we're hoping the weasel will jump under there on his own. Cross your fingers, and Merry Fitzmas.


Publius said...

im Blago here.

As to Obama, I doubt he and Blago had too much to do with each other. But Obama came up from the VERY same corrupt machine and had the VERY SAME corrupt fundraisers and political dirty tricks squads doing their bidding.

Obama is no innocent babe in the woods.

wamk said...

I agree with Publius on this one. Unlikely that Obama knew Blago was shopping the seat to the highest bidder.

Obama does seem to have a history with some *ahem* less than ethical people (see Ayers, Rezko, Wright, etc.), we can now add Blago to the mix.

We are judged by the company we keep, are we not?

gwk said...

Piker writes:

"It leaves Obama's happy golden unicorn status untouched."

If BO, according to Blago's taped conversation(s), offered nothing but appreciation to Blago, and Blago said F**k him, clearly, they spoke about the position being filled. Get your head out of the sand.

However, BO claims to know nothing, again, and deny everything, again. Get your head out of the sand.

Axelrod then made the full network rounds, stating he "mispoke" when he said BO & Blago had been in regular contact. Get your head out of the sand.

What's the count now, that BO knew nothing about the history of these people?

Let's see: Van Doran, Ayers, Wright, Flagler, Blago, Resko, to name what we know, so far. Get your head out of the sand.

Ya know, Piker, if BO really didn;pt know about the 'past' history of these people, then he's really stoopid, and having a person that stoopid running our country really scares me.

And ya know what else? The Fed's have over 300 HOURS of Blago on tape. And so far, they've only released 3 minutes of it.

Can't wait to hear the next 3 minutes, and BO uh'ing and ah'ing his way thru that, without his handy tele-prompter helping him thru.

It leaves Obama's happy golden unicorn status untouched?

I hardly think so.

gwk said...

And after you get done addressing the previous comment, Piker, how 'bout this one?

Seven Blago questions for Obama:

You answer for all seven, please?

Seriously, 'cause you wrote "It leaves Obama's happy golden unicorn status untouched."

Danielk said...

Uh oh... they hyenas have picked up the scent of unicorn blood.

I'm a little troubled by flat denial too. It strikes me as the kind of "deny everything until we get more facts" kind of behavior that politicians routinely engage in. If so it's bad strategy; and it always winds up biting them in the ass.

In this case my suspicion is: Blagojevich DID approach Obama with the more unsavory aspects of the scheme, Obama said he wanted nothing to do with it, which is why Blagojevich is on record as f***ing hating him. Obama didn't turn him in (you don't get very far in politics sabotaging the corruption of other politicians) but Rahm Emmanuel did, then denied he did because you don't get very far etc etc etc.

As for the seven questions, do you really want me to speculate on all seven? Why don't you make up seven scenarios first, and then I'll counter with seven scenarios. We'll both be wrong because neither one of us is Blagojevich nor Obama.