Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Too Cold For Politics

For God's sake, it snowed in LAS VEGAS last night!

Here on the left coast, it's a balmy 40 degrees today. We're not prepared for it. I have a friend who hasn't had to use her furnace in three years and didn't know it wasn't even lit. Nobody has the clothes for this kind of weather in this town. We'll all be dead by the end of the week.

To my right-leaning friends, I'll admit that this proves there's no such thing as global warming when you guys admit that gay marriage doesn't destroy marriage itself. Fair exchange! And send sterno.


wamk said...

Just throw a gay couple on your bed. That should keep you warm.

Publius said...

Yeah, what wamk said. Heck , that "couple" will probably bring five or six others WITH them into that bed, so things should warm up right proper.

Danielk said...

You guys do an awful lot of thinking about gays in beds. Just sayin'.

Publius said...

... not that it's wrong.

wamk said...

Almost as much time as you spend thinking about how everything in the World is racist, Piker.

Danielk said...

Arguably true; then again I've admitted that I'm a little bit racist.

gwk said...

Actually, I think you accused MD of being rasict recently, not admitting it about yourself.

I say let the Gays, Lesbians, & Trans-sexuals get married.

In another generation or two, there won't be any new liberals out there for us to worry ablout, 'cause they stopped creating themselves.

Danielk said...

GWK, I think it would be tremendously satisfying for you to find that quote of me saying that, and paste it here. Teach me a lesson!

There you go! As you say, allowing gays to marry will completely dry up the supply of liberals. There you guys go again, working against your own interests.

gvwk said...

You know what you wrote, yo. Hell, you even tried to apolgoze for it on both blogs.

And in addition to letting all the gays marry, why not let abortion go full steam ahead, as well.

I see BO is planning to fund abortion world-wide, to the tune of about $1 billion of our tax money.

Your peeps will be gone in 1 generation.

Danielk said...

I do know what I wrote, which I why I went out on that limb. Still, feel free to assume that what you think I said is correct; you're not going to do the research anyway.

Re Abortion, what do you think? Would everybody be getting them all the time if abortion was legal in this country?

Because it is, you know.

Publius said...

I am continually amazed that we are all so darn up in arms about 3% of the population? WHY should we give gays ANY time of our day? There are so few of them that they don't even QUALIFY as a minority!

gwk said...

I agree, Publius.

The abortion issue is another mater, with an estimated 45,000,000 murders of innocent babies since Roe v Wade was enacted. And those are the numbers of documented abortions.

Perhaps our millions of tax dollars that are sent to Planned Parenthood each year would be better spent teaching men to respect women, and women keeping their legs closed.

You know - taking care of the problem in a pro-active manner, rather than after the baby has been conceived.

You know, Piker - Integrity & Morals!

Danielk said...

Integrity and morals - you simultaneously want to outlaw the means that poverty-level woman can use to avoid bringing babies into the world AND cut off public programs to help the babies remain alive. You just believe giving the babies a chance to bring down their mothers before you kill them.

gwk said...

No, what I meant, Piker, was what I wrote. You must have skimmed over this part:

"Perhaps our millions of tax dollars that are sent to Planned Parenthood each year would be better spent teaching men to respect women, and women keeping their legs closed.

You know - taking care of the problem in a pro-active manner, rather than after the baby has been conceived.

You know, Piker - Integrity & Morals!"

Danielk said...

Well, abstinence policies should take care of the problem. Most unwanted pregnancies happen, after all, because none of the people involved know that sex can make you pregnant.

Wait a minute, I thought you were against sex education.

gwk said...

I am against SE, when it is forced on 6 year old's, like BO supports.

Danielk said...

In that particular case, you'd rather 6 year olds didn't know who to avoid molestation. You seem to think that ignorance of sex is enough to prevent sex.

gwk said...

Why do you always use the exrtreme's, Piker?

Are the majority of the 45,000,000 (murders) abortions the US has allowed, based on molestations? Absolutely not.

Are the vast majority based on promescuity? Based on sleeping around? One night stands? You bet'cha.

Are there cases where abortions would be acceptable? Abosolutely. As you said, molestation. Incest. Rape.

But those cases are so small compared to the overall number of abortions.

I ask you again (last time, you chose not to answer):

Why is it that when I kill the newly-pregnant mother, I get tried for double murder for killing the mom and the un-born baby, and the community is outraged by my actions?

However, when someone has an early term abortion because they couldn't keep their legs closed, not only is it OK & acceptable to the public, our tax dollars are also funding PP to commit the (murder) abortion?

Why the double standard?

gwk said...

Crickets are chirping....


Danielk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danielk said...

You didn't WANT the last word?

In your rather creepy example, you're killing a woman and a foetus. Who's to say the outrage isn't over killing the woman? And why does public opinion make a difference?

My tax dollars are going to kill full-grown Muslims and I'm not thrilled about that either.

Sex education as mandated by the current administration teaches that using a condom is almost as ineffective as not; and blaming the whole problem on girls (if only they could keep their legs closed!) is just stupid. They're not getting pregant by themselves. And they're not going to stop by telling them sex is bad. People do bad things all the time. Know anyone who smokes?

gwk said...

Dude, your a hole.

re-read my previous comment, which includes dudes,too. Quit taking a sentence from the whole comment to ATTEMPT to make your point.

I do death-row prison ministry, Piker, so my 'creepy' example is actually factually based. So, again, quit telling me what I don't know. Please.

And, full grown muslim terrorists pose a little larger threat to the world than MURDERING unborn babies - why do you even compare the two?

And, when you get the time, please answer my question:

Why the double standard???

Danielk said...

You're naive if you think we're just killing terrorists over there; unless you think that Muslim=terrorist in which case you're worse than naive.

It's not a double-standard unless you consider a foetus to be "life". I fear we're not going to budge each other on this issue, which is why the abortion debate is so hopeless.

gwk said...

Some are terrorists, some aren't. I never said anything different. However, all the babies being MURDERED are innocent.

When does life begin, Piker?

Please don't tell me outside the womb. If that's going to be your answer, because that's all we knew back when the RvW decision came down, then I can't have serious dialogue with you anymore.

With the world's current technology, one can easily see & hear a forming child in the womb (complete with a functioning, beating heart) within weeks of conception.

And your answer to when life begins is....?

Danielk said...

Outside the womb.

gwk said...

Merry Christmas, Piker. I still pray for ya, brother, however, with that answer, with all we now know and the technology we now have, I can't waste my time like this, when you answer like that.

My time is more important than that.

I'm done here. Good luck to ya in '09.

Danielk said...

Understood. You will be missed; Merry Christmas to you. Seriously.