Wednesday, April 01, 2009

3 Eggs $4.50, 2 Eggs $4.00, No Eggs $1.50

It's a bargain!

Last week, Republicans took a little ribbing for their alternative budget, an 8-page PDF that amounted to a series of clip art pictures surrounded by iterations of the phrase "The Democrat plan sucks!" Aside from the poor clip art choices, the document took the most criticism for offering no numbers, often considered de rigeur for budgeting.

Well, it turns out that was just a teaser (or opportunity to dis the Democrats) because the real alternative budget was released today. This time, WaPo reports, with details!

House Republicans yesterday unveiled a more complete proposal that would cut taxes for businesses and the wealthy, freeze most government spending for five years, halt spending approved in the economic stimulus package and slash federal health programs for the poor and elderly.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), the senior Republican on the House Budget Committee, said the plan would stabilize the rising national debt by requiring the nation to borrow about $6 trillion over the next 10 years, $3.3 trillion less than would be required under the budget request submitted by President Obama.
Well, color me surprised! The Republicans found a way to only wreck the lives of future generations with 6 trillion instead of 9 trillion! And the rich would get all their money now, while the poor would muddle through without schools or libraries or utilities.

This of course would make the poor realize that they need to get off their lazy asses and become rich, so they can get tax cuts too. Thus thanks to Republican tough love, we could be a nation of millionaires by 2011. If ONLY someone would take this plan seriously.

'Cause I just can't, somehow.


gwk said...

Yeah, Piker.

There are no schools, libraries or utilities for anyone these days. We HAVE to make more of them.

What about your fearless leader, making the comment that the US 'doesn't have enough electricians' to lay the cable for his electical program.

I personally know a commercial electrician who's beeen out of work for the past 6 months.

If we need so many electricians from BO's plan, why is my associate looking for any kind of work, other than in the electrical field, where he is highly educated?

Looks like more 'change' we can believe.

Danielk said...

If we froze non-essential government spending for the next five years, you think the schools and libraries would flourish? Utililites, I grant, is a stretch. I bet the "budget" I'm writing about here doesn't specify.

If Obama can convince congress to take up the cause of updating the electrical grid, then indeed we don't have enough electricians because it's a huge job.

I wish your friend luck. If your friend is a Republican, of course, he would refuse the work because it would be socialism.

Publius said...

It wouldn't hurt my feelings to fire every government worker in every government across the country. ESPECIALLY the federal one.From the lowest clerk to the Senate. Fire all of them.

Danielk said...

Publius, when that happens, let me know how much you're charging to travel on the roads you build.

Or wouldn't it just be less trouble to go all Robinson Crusoe and move to your own island?