Monday, April 20, 2009

Mean Homosexuals

This is why the right may not be ready to lead again yet: faced with ridicule of the Tea Party event, they whine about how the media is making fun of them. Someone in the party has decided that tagging their event with a common sexual innuendo was a winner, because they could claim to be the victims of those mean homosexuals who take the bait. And the base will buy it, because they feel like victims of mean homosexuals. And EVERYONE! Even when they were in charge.

To the rest of the country, there's a kind of a disconnect there. Everybody knows the homosexuals aren't mean, they're just annoying. When do you ever hear of, say, a bunch of Homosexuals jumping into the back of a pickup truck and driving around looking for straights to kick the crap out of? Maybe it happens all the time and the liberal media isn't reporting it. I bet everyone in the straight community knows at least one person who was beaten for his sexual orientation. Right?

I've been cagey about my own sexual orientation on this blog because, frankly, it pisses me off that it might even matter to anyone. I am just as God made me! That is, if I believed in a God, I'd be just as that.


Publius said...

..... aaaand ANOTHER post about something that Piker claims doesn't think warrants a second thought. Geeze, Piker, for something you think is silly and unworthy of talking about you SURE like posting about it.

But,here is what's REALY funny... for the past 40 years every whack job, social misfit, drugged out hippie, commie, and sexual pervert have had protest after protest where they throw rocks thru windows, burn buildings, turn over cars, and attack people, yet ONE TIME the right gets together and engages in respectful, NON-VIOLENT protest and lefties like Piker has seizures. The lefties think the world is ending because conservatives go out and protest ONCE.

It's just hilarious the hypocrisy on the left.

Danielk said...

Hehee! Publius has lumped the teabaggers in with whack jobs, social misfits, drugged out hippies, commies, and sexual perverts!

Okay, teabagging and sexual perverts was kind of taken care of before he commented.