Thursday, April 16, 2009

Used Tea Bag

Well, that was fun! The National Tea Bag party is over and as feared, the DHS has arrested everyone responsible and shut down Fox News for DARING to tell the TRUTH about it! Poor Shep Smith... what will he do now!

There were a lot of rallies all around the nation, which is why it's terribly unfair of me to isolate individuals and say the whole movement is made of people like that. It would also be unfair to put the word "movement" in quotes like I almost did. Yeah Fox News surely had a lot to do with launching the thing but it's not like they hired all the attendees. Nate Silver estimates that at least 250,000 people bought into the idea. I'm tempted to put "idea" in quotes though, because I'm still not sure what they were protesting, aside from losing the election.

An amusing side note: there was all kinds of trouble at the Washington Rally.

...rally organizers showed up outside the Treasury Department. But authorities told them they lacked proper permission and could not set up a stage there.

Then it started to rain.

Next, somebody threw a box of tea over the White House fence, and the police evacuated the park.

Finally, the truck's driver, who had been wandering around town for hours after an overnight drive from Georgia, found a place to unload the cargo: 12 floors up in a downtown advocacy group. Without much of an audience.
You know how to smooth out that kind of thing in advance? Community Organizers. I pity the Republicans who live near active volcanoes or have highways that need repairs.

There is a report that Washington police have scooped up the tea bags and took 'em home, so you can't say that no good came out of the whole exercise. Still, TEA and donuts?


Anonymous said...

hi im ronda i just graduate colege and i want to work at fox picking out violett ties for shep, i got a cush on him!!!!

Publius said...

Um, Piker you just lied. Fox News had NOTHING to do with "launching" the tea party movement. In fact,f there were dozens of different entities created to make them happen but Fox News wasn't one of them.

Danielk said...

Yes, I understand that rumor was thoroughly debunked on Fox News.

Ronda said...

Ignore retarded comment by "ronda". It's a fake.

Danielk said...

Logged and noted, Genuine Ronda.

Warner Todd said...

"Yes, I understand that rumor was thoroughly debunked on Fox News."

It would be nice if just once you did some research on your own instead of letting the profane liars at Wonkette program you. There is NO truth at all to the claim that Fox News had ANYTHING to do with the tea party movement.

IN fact, there are half a dozen different groups that planned them and not one of them were started by any corporate entity, no standing conservative think tank (like the Heritage Foundation, etc.) and not one political party.

You can say you "don't get" what the protests are about, you can disagree that they are on target with their criticism, but it is a flat out lie to say they aren't of grass roots birth.

Danielk said...

Actually my source is the profane liars on the Stephanie Miller show, but Wonkette certainly are taking that ball and running with it too.

We'll probably never know the truth because Fox is a lot better about shredding their memos than they used to be.