Friday, April 24, 2009

Tortured Rationalization 2: The Pelosi Factor

Let's look at another torture-related talking point: Nancy Pelosi knew, and did nothing about it!

This one is a head scratcher, coming from people who endorse torture and yet despise Nancy Pelosi. What am I, a liberal, supposed to conclude from this? That Nancy Pelosi, like all people who were fully briefed by the Bush Administration, knows we should get behind this torture thing, but is lying about it to win votes. Since I LIKE Nancy Pelosi, I should either hate her or endorse torture.

This is, when you think about it, a real scorched earth strategy. We're going down like the Hindenburg, the right says, but we're going to take down anyone we can with us.

Assuming the point isn't to get me to like torture, this talking point serves as an admission that the majority of Americans are horrified by these tactics. If only we hadn't said all those bad things about them at the Nuremberg trials! Therefore the right is saying "Pelosi, like us, is abhorrent to you. Please hate her as much."

This is why I'm not as worried about 2010 as they want me to be.

(By the way, I should probably add that Pelosi was told they might employ these methods but WEREN'T, which is why the idea that she didn't object to them at the time is mighty ridiculous. What, she's supposed to go blabbing about classified programs during wartime? I'm supposed to hate her for not doing THAT? I am a little annoyed with her for not pushing prosecution now, but I think she behaved responsibly under the circumstances then.)


Publius said...

Amusing to me that you BELIEVE her when she claims she knew nothing about it! She knew and said nothing. Then, when HER group came to power she used the very thing she knew about but said nothing about as a wedge issue.

She is a liar. Period.

Whether you support her or not has nothing to do with your own stance on "torture" as a tool. What your support for her means is that you must not care about "torture" as an important issue unless it benefits your party.

She is a hypocrite. Are you?

Danielk said...

I wasn't working for Pelosi at the time, but let's assume that Pelosi, who is a politician, lied. I think you'd have to say she lied for the right reasons, to protect national security. I welcome an alternate scenario if you have it.

Publius said...

Well, then. This is a good result, Piker. With that in mind, we can safely say, then, that this so-called "torture" occurred for the right reasons, to protect national security.

Excellent progress you are making.

Danielk said...

Okay, how do you feel about Pelosi now?

Publius said...

She sucks dirt, man. Get with it!