Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Is How Conservatives Bring Up Their Youth

Sterilize his mother, if you can find her.

I believe the children are the future, and they should be taken out of school to display obscene signs, and hate everything about the government, and apparently have twin steel rods driven into the tops of their blond tousled heads.

(h/t Wonkette, just like yesterday's creepy hermaphodite picture)


wamk said...


Where was this post with some of the children of the Anti-Bush and Anti-War crowd?

Couldn't be a double standard here, could there?

Pathetic, Piker. Even for you.

Danielk said...

Hey, if you couldn't find pictures that egregious during the anti-war rallies, you just weren't trying hard enough.

Seriously I admit in the next post that this is a completely unfair way to treat you guys. Don't mean it isn't fun!