Tuesday, April 21, 2009

GWK Walks the Walk

The conservative reaction to Obama meeting Hugo Chavez AND SHAKING HIS HAND has been colorful and predictably negative. It ranges from "Obama was naive to meet Chavez" to "Obama literally handed America to Chavez." Clearly, Bush had it right - acknowledging the existence of people we disagree with only empowers them. Imagine what the world would have been like if Nixon had met with Chou En Lai? If Reagan had met with Gorbachev? Communism would be flourishing today!

A perfect illustration of this principal is... me. Here I am, a liberal. I often say insulting, crazy things, and I'm certainly as irritating as Hugo Chavez. I have readers who foolishly engage me in conversation instead of ignoring me, and as a result they have lost their power and become liberals themselves, endangering conservatism in the bargain. Only one man has dared to follow his principals and walk away - GWK. Yes, several months ago GWK stopped commenting and has not engaged me since.

Admittedly once in a while he'll send an unofficial envoy like "the US Constitution" to conduct informal talks, but there is no official acknowlegment of his contact. This is the only way that foreign policy must be conducted! We must fear the other, refusing to look into their eye, lest it give them power over us.

GWK - the man who SHOULD be President.


not GWK said...

He'd never get elected.

Too many skeletons.

Danielk said...

Wow, if it's worse than what the right claims is in Obama's background... I'm thinking schoolyard cannibalism, and a four year stint as HEAD of the ACLU.

D. Cheney said...

If GWK gets elected to any office, I'll be working the puppet strings in the background. I've got experience, you know.

Danielk said...

The shadow government costs twice as much! But then again, deficits don't matter, eh? ;)

Darth Cheney said...

I work for free. I get paid with the souls of murdered Iraqi freedom fighters.