Friday, April 24, 2009

Some Material For the "Angry Left" Crowd

It's a bad time for conservative pundits to put their books on Amazon, where anyone can comment on them. Case in point - JOE THE PLUMBER: FIGHTING FOR THE AMERICAN DREAM.

"The people I know are regular Joes like JTP. We're not elitists, we strive for mediocrity in all fields. We like our beer cold and our tats big. This is the American Dream. So what if JTP isn't named Joe, isn't a plumber, and didn't even write this book. I respect him more for it in fact. I'm not going to read the book anyway. "

"Hey, let's not bust JTP too quickly. Think about how much he's living the true American Dream. He's got no talent, no plumber's license, he's got a 3rd grade vocabulary, the adoration of genuflecting idiots willing to buy this book, he's parlayed his utterly forgettable persona and totally lucky stumble into "fame" into some real American "long green" and he's laughing all the way to the bank. Let's be honest: isn't that pretty much a dream life (American or otherwise)??? I applaud Joe's total sell-out because he knows it's the sole way he could ever climb out of the hole that is his real life. And lastly, this book is the same stuff that backs up in the toilets he ostensibly "fixes". After reading it, wash your hands before returning to work. "

"I bought this for humorous reasons-- my dad is a dittohead and quite far right and I thought this would make a good birthday present. Man, was I mistaken. Not only was he offended that anyone would think "Joe" represents him or his views, he was genuinely angry I gave the guy any of my money. This is from a man that has read every single Bill O'Reilly book in existence (including his fiction and his works for children). So save yourself the family squabble and get him a nice Rush Limbaugh book. Nothing plays like the old favorites. "

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