Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Point At Which This All Stops Being Funny ***Updated***

Look, most dissent is healthy. Government needs it for guidance, and our Government requires argument. It's built into our constitution. That's why laws are written by committee instead of the king.

Going up a step, a lot of Conservative dissent is not just healthy, but hilarious. Did you know that the National Organization for Marriage recently announced an initiative called 2m4m? What's funny about that? Check this out. This "Tea Bag" thing tomorrow? Doesn't anyone in the Republican party have a familiarity with the phrase "teabagging?" Not even Vitter?

But then there's this, and it's where I start to get scared. There is a 10 page document, purportedly from the Department of Homeland Security (okay, it probably is) which analyzes the threat posed by right-wing extremist groups. It is intended to be a guide to police officials: "LAW ENFORCEMENT INFORMATION NOTICE: This product contains Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES) information. No portion of the LES information should be released to the media, the general public, or over non-secure Internet servers. Release of this information could adversely affect or jeopardize investigative activities."

So first of all someone probably on the law enforcement side leaks this sensitive document, despite the fact that it tips off militias and crazies to DHS strategy, which is cavalier at best. More importantly, the blogosphere is rallying around this document as though it targeted the right.

It's specifically about extremists who are right-wing. But the whole right seems to be identifying with it.

That's what's scary to me now, that they root for the terrorists as long as they're terrorists who agree with them. Terrorism itself, that's not so bad. Sometimes it's necessary to blow up a mall to get the point across that higher taxes are bad. Sometimes you have to hijack a bus, otherwise the liberal media won't listen to the facts about Obama's citizenship. They wouldn't hijack the bus themselves, but like the Al-Quaeda sympathizers who fought us in Iraq, they wouldn't stop the hijackers.

I know I'm stepping over the line here and I welcome assurances that all terrorism is bad in the eyes of my readers. What do you two guys say?
***Update*** OMFG! The DHS wants to IMPRISION ME TOO!


Publius said...

You are getting shrill in your knee jerk Obamatonism.

Even as this odious, brownshirter's "report" linked anyone with a right of center ideology to a "racist, right-wing terrorist" it admitted right at the outset that it had NO PROOF AT ALL that there are any such terrorists, any such groups, or any such threat.

But it does not surprise me that such as yourself is desirous of quashing any political activism by anyone outside your left-wing position, Piker ol' pal. After all, that is the fascist tendency of the left at its most common.

Just like when the ex-rapist in chief ignored growing al Qaeda and bin Ladden's networks to focus on "the right-wing militia movement," Obama is trying to use the power of the state to ferret out his domestic political opposition instead of trying to hunt down ACTUAL enemies of this country.

And, I can find you any number of DailyKoz or Dummicraptic Underground entries hoping Islamic terrorists beat America. There have been lefty radio twits who've said the same thing. If THAT isn't the left rooting for "terrorists who agree with them" what is? Ward Churchill, the plagiarist and anti-intellectual "professor" from Colorado, is the darling of your pals and HE repeatedly said we deserved what we got on 9/11.

Lastly, you speak of something "hilarious." I too find something hilarious in the left-wing haters of the Tea Party movement. The fact that the only thing the immoral left can think of when the word Tea Party is mentioned is some disgusting sexual perversion is quite telling. See, when patriotic Americans hear the word "tea party" they AUTOMATICALLY think of AMERICAN HISTORY!! As in the history of our founding.

It is no surprise that no one on the left knows what significance that the words "tea party" have in the American experience.

wamk said...

What I find hilarious is that the link to "Check this out" in Piker's post leads to a Craigs List search for "MM4M". Piker, looking for something specific there, are ya?

I was thinking it would be a link to Tea Party activity in LA, but was somewhat surprised. Perhaps Piker will be participating in his own Teabagging of sorts.

Danielk said...

I find it hilarious how quickly you guys go for "gay" as the ultimate insult. John Edwards for example. If you hadn't pushed the gay angle so aggressively you might have had the affair in the news a year sooner.

So you've both weighed in (that's my demographic, you guys) and didn't take the opportunity to say something like "of course killing innocent people is wrong, but government shouldn't victimize non-terrorists." You won't even take that first step. Shall I put you down as thinking that once in a while you have to take out a classroom to point out that we should be allowed to say the Lord's Prayer in it?

wamk said...

Wasn't an insult at all, merely an observation. Didn't mean to accidentally "out" you there. Did any of those guys email you back?

As to your post, if I disagree with everything you say, is it necessary for me to go thru point by point?

Here are a few things for you to chew on:

You tremble that the DHS reprt was made public (LES info), yet don't bat an eye when the NYTimes exposes things the Bush Administration did to protect our Country. Selective outrage there?

Your selection of some Conservative dissent-yep, we've got some loons. So do you. I'll point to the "9/11 was an inside job", and "Trig Palin is Sarah's grandson" as examples. Should any of those people on the Left be taken seriously? Then don't take our fringe kooks seriously either.

The DHS document in question-Was that what caused the guy with the Ron Paul bumper sticker on his car to get pulled over? Should a U.S. Citizen be pulled over by law enforcement because of a political bumper sticker?

The problem isn't in watching extremist groups, it's in the lack of a definition of what constitutes an extremist.

Show me anyone on the Right in the mainstream that agrees with terrorists.

There is no good terrorism. Period.

Danielk said...


I'm still a little worried about Warner though.

Publius said...


I think if you are worried about me that I am certainly on the right track!