Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fox Torture Roundup

For the record I still think Fox News is neither fair nor balanced, but I'll admit they're not some monolithic Pravda-like enterprise either. Case in point: several Fox News personalities have expressed the view that not only did the Bush Administration employ torture, but that torture is bad.

Interestingly Hannity volunteered to be waterboarded for charity, the point presumably being that it's no big deal to be waterboarded. If he really wants to prove this point I'd suggest this scenario: a bidding war, where the money is to go to soldier's families. But the people administering the session have to be affiliated with either Cindy Sheehan or Code Pink, so Hannity can legitimately believe there is a chance that they might kill him. Then, my friend, you have a real demonstration.


Publius said...

Hannity being waterboarded is no test. All his hair will just suck that water u like a sponge.

Danielk said...

That must be how he keeps ideas from making it all the way through his cranium!