Friday, April 10, 2009

The Bow

Yeah, even I think Obama bowed to the Saudi Prince. Deeply. Probably more deeply than would normally be necessary, because he's trying to erase 8 years of bad Arab/American relations. And indeed, it may be an unprecedented gesture. Still, check this out:

When Bush and Abdullah held hands walking into their meeting, the gesture prompted questions about two men showing that kind of physical intimacy.
Not to mention all the kissing. The bow is somehow more odious than this? Of course, this meeting happened during the oil crisis last summer, when the US really had a reason to kiss Saudi cheek. If you know what I mean.

Damn, I was going to try to keep off the whole Gay thing today. Even I'm tired of it.

So wait, why try to convince Americans that Obama was just stooping to shake hands? Because he's trying to avoid criticism from the extreme far right, that's why. Dumb plan. Can't be accomplished, it's like trying to avoid the fog in London. My suspicion (and there's no point in my trying to avoid criticism for saying it) is that the administration is trying to cut down on more mass murder/suicides like this.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Obama is trying to send a message of fealty to our new Saudi Overlords, and he's going to give them all the guns he's taken, along with the tax money he has raised from small businesses and just plan folks across the land. Then he'll step down (it wouldn't have lasted anyway because he's not a citizen) and turn the country's reigns over to that guy with the long name who runs Iran. Damn, and to think that ACORN talked me into voting for Obama five times! Now I'm mad.


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Danielk said...

And? You tell me. Many of your colleagues got two whole news cycles out of this nonsense.

Publius said...

See... here's the thing. You are wasting everyone's time if you really don;t even have a POINT to your posts.

Danielk said...

My point here, obviously, is snark.