Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have to confess, I read WHERE ARE MY KEYS a lot. In fact, I basically read anything MD writes except the stuff about sports. Frequently, say about twice a week, there is a post about how Obama has broken his campaign promises and is allowing the torture of prisoners, or raising taxes, or not being completely transparent about Bush-era transgressions. This is a huge issue, the posts imply, and a reason to reject Obama.

Obama, the posts collectively say, is just like Bush. I'm not buying it.

Here's why. First, the "evidence" is always sketchy, slanted, and coming from right-wing bloggers who are filtering news through their agenda-soaked cheesecloths. Second, and most tellingly, if Obama really was proving to be just like Bush, THEY'D LOVE HIM. Instead, they just hate him all the more. Therefore, either they don't believe the talking point, or no matter what he does, even if he became Rush Limbaugh's staunchest supporter, they hate him for some irrational reason.

Like, I don't know, racism.

Either way, it's their problem. Me, I'm still happy with the Obama I voted for.


wamk said...

Piker, do you believe that every person that voted for Obama is happy with their choice?

He ran a very successful campaign on how he was different than the typical D.C. insider. Hope and Change! Not continuing on the Bush "tradition".

And then when elected, he has reneged on many of those promises that made him look different than all those other politicians.

You may be happy with your vote, but I guarantee there are others that are not.

The point of my posts on Obama is not to try and sway you to vote Republican, but merely to point out that the guy who was elected to "make a difference" is continuing down the same path.

To point out that why you guys were screaming over the cost of the War in Iraq, Obama has/will spend more money than every President before him. Combined.

So save the racism crap, will you?

It's grown tiresome.

Danielk said...

Of course there are people who are disappointed in post-election Obama, but not you. You're not going to convince me that you wanted ANY of those things you're railing about now. What you wanted was another term for George W. Bush. Your message is mixed, crazily.

The racism thing, that was just a cheap shot. But I welcome a more coherent explaination of your rage at Obama.

Anti Compelling said...

No rage that I can see.

Just WAMK pointing out what a "Here's what I said, and here's what you'll get" 1st 3 months from our Chief Liar in Command, BO.

And who are you, Piker, to say that WAMK's evidence is 'sketchy'?

He normally has links to several sites, backing up what he posts about.

You, however, don't even read those links / video's, before you make you assinine comment.

Piker = sketchy.

wamk said...

I don't have "rage" towards Obama, just concerns.

I'm concerned for the massive debt Obama is leaving for my daughter.

I'm concerned that Obama is making our Country less safe, and more exposed to terrorist activity, and is emboldening North Korea, China, and Iran.

I'm concerned that Obama and Geithner have no clue on how to "fix" the economy, and the thought process of what they are doing is better than nothing.

I'm concerned that Obama feels his Administration is better positioned, educated, and experienced to run the auto industry and the banking industry.

I'm concerned that the guy who thinks he is/was the only hope for America, and to restore America to it's proper standing in the World, is now being ridiculed by world leaders.

I'm concerned that Obama doesn't recognize the diffence between campaigning and leading our Country.

I could care less about Obama lying about his campaign promises, as I didn't vote for him, or believe what he said. But there are plenty of folks out there that did believe him. Those are the folks you need to worry about in 2010 and 2012.

Danielk said...

You know why else I'm not worried? Clinton. He had might big approval ratings throughout his presidency and he wasn't exactly Mr. Consistancy.

He would have probably been less popular if it hadn't have been for the relentless Terminator-like attacks from you guys. You made Clinton sympathetic. Check out his approval numbers the month he was impeached!

And believe me, you're right on schedule with the new guy.