Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Absence of Malice

Out there on the nets there is another one of those stories, the kind that I've been throwing around a lot lately to prove it's those Republicans who are the hate-filled ones. It involves a brief scary near riot at a McCain rally in Florida. I'm not going to link to it.

It occurs to me that this highlighting this kind of stuff is hypocritical on my part. McCain supporters are, by and large, sensible people who disagree with me about who should run the country. A small portion of them are nuts, just like a small portion of Obama supporters. And nearly all Ron Paul supporters. But there's a difference between a handful of people shouting "n*****r!" at a rally and ALL of them doing it. ALL of them are as appalled as I am.

And here I am, whining that WAMK should lay off the "character-assasination-by-association" attacks.

So I'm willing to knock if off on these kinds of stories if I'm not pushed back into it. And even if I am, I'll fight the urge as long as possible, the way I kept off Sarah Palin's family until people begged me to comment. I'm not going to try to get anyone to join me on this either, because y'all do what you have to do. This is just so I can read my own stuff without cringing.

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