Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kudos to WAMK

For this, and most importantly for his brief and eloquent condemnation of it. Perhaps he's trying to out-moral me for my post earlier, but competition like that we could all use. And it's not like it's the first time either. (For the sake of clarification that last sentence is badly positioned; the context suggests that it means something other than I intended. Which is this: it's not the first time that WAMK has called out Republicans when the situation warrants it.)


wamk said...

Right, Piker.

It's all about you.

'Cause I have no history in matters like this, do I?

This is one reason why you aren't taken seriously.

Danielk said...

I fear you misinterpreted "And it's not like it's the first time either." That truly was meant to refer to this not being the first time you called out bad behavior among Republicans. You have a history of doing that when the situation warrants, and good on ya.

Mea Culpa on my egocentrism. The chief reason I'm not taken seriously, of course, is that I'm simply not Republican. Paulie rants like a crazy person routinely, and he's not exactly getting the same treatment. I accept that. The craziest thing I'm doing is logging into your site in the first place, like ordering a beer at the Nuggets clubhouse while wearing a Lakers jersey.

Della Ware said...

The reason Daniel K, aka Piker62, isn't taken seriously, truly boils down to the ridiculous picture in his past-dated suit, thinking he's a "man about town."

After posting that, nothing else from him can be taken seriously, even with a grain of salt.

wamk said...

Thank you for the update and clarification on your original post.

Since you aren't a "sports guy", I'll help you out.

The Lakers primary rival would be the Celtics. If I were to walk into a Laker bar wearing a Celtic jersey, your scenario works better.

If you were in Denver, you could show up to a Broncos bar wearing a Raiders jersey. If you think you get ridiculed at WAMK, try wearing silver and black in Orange Crush territory.

You could also wear a Red Wings sweater (hockey "jerseys" are referred to a "sweaters", Piker) into an Avalanche bar.

Leave the sports analogies to the pros, ok?

You aren't taken seriously (not all the time, mind you) when you profess to have knowledge that you don't have (like sports rivalries, see above example), or when you refuse to call out things from your side of the aisle that are blatently wrong.

I've posted since day one on the bad things that Republicans do. I've posted on the bad things Democrats do.

I'm not trying to trick you.

I'm not going to post a "Look everyone, Piker is switching sides!" post.

But when Mark Foley does the disgusting things he did in office, and Mahoney does worse, they are both scum.

Yet you can't man up to agree that Mahoney is a dirtball.

The kid who violated Palin's email accounts.

When ACORN is running rampant on fraudulent activity, you are silent.

When there are OBVIOUS problems with how Obama is receiving funds online, you are "too busy" to read about it. (one can explain away how the FEC guidelines don't specifically address how donations with credit cards should be processed, but isn't that like Bill Clinton,and his definition of "is"?). What the Obama campaign is doing is wrong, and you know it.

When a McCain office is attacked, and elderly people are maced, you "need more data", because it might have been staged by McCain supporters to drum up news.. Is it possible Obama supporters could have put up the Obama effigy?

Point is, if you want to be taken seriously, act serious. But have fun doing it.

Danielk said...

Thanks for the advice kids. A quick survey of my prose style, however, will suggest that being taken seriously isn't my top priority. I'd like to be thought-provoking.

And as stated previously, the suit stays!

Publius said...

Good LORD don't get ME started on sports. I despise them. All of them... well, to clarify, I only hate the so-called "professional" sports. And the useless, idiot Olympics.