Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Biased Press

Yesterday I took a moment to compliment Fox News' Chris Wallace for treating people across the political spectrum in the same tough way. That's good journalism. THIS, not so much.

I'd be interested to see how Eyewitness News does in the ratings with this woman. Probably better than I would like. 


wamk said...

Maybe if your boy Biden did a press conference every month or so, he wouldn't get asked hard questions on local news.

Is he going to declare foreign leaders unfit to interview him also, if they ask him uncomfortable questions?

Don;t forget to link the local Philly news that made him cry, too.

So for the record, he's had two tough interviews, and has two local news channels on probation.

Nice leadership.

Good to know a tough guy like Biden that has been in D.C. for 3 decades can fold like a card table at the first sign of backbone. I guess when he doesn't control the interview, he runs into problems, eh?

And to think he's one heartbeat away.


Danielk said...

Hahahah! I bet you didn't watch the clip, which alternates her interview with Biden with one she did with McCain a week or so before! Who's commentin' without watchin' now?

wamk said...

Guilty as charged. I saw the exact same entry screen with Biden and the reporter, and assumed it was the same clip.

What were those words that Biden uttered at the end of the clip?

Sure sounded like "That's an excellent question" to me..

Now, how does watching the clip change my comment?

Why hasn't Biden given a press conference in over a month?

Why does Obama have time to sit down with a guy from "Saved by the Bell", but not give a press conference in over a month?

What are they scared of?

Joe the Plumber?

Obama's own words?

Danielk said...

Oh, it's PRESS CONFERENCES that matter to you. I bet if Obama and Biden had given more press conferences, you wouldn't be so mean to them! Well, that was a tragic miscalculation on their part.

To summarize: Biden probably offers to give 'em on a daily basis but no one takes him up on it. (Joking.) He's boring! In any event, Biden and Palin are both side issues, but Palin is a LOT more appealing. Where are all those Palin press conferences? Once she does a few, I'm going to say only respectful things about her.

Press conferences aren't a particularly common feature of campaign seasons, none of the candidates are cranking them out, and trying to make it into an issue is weird.

wamk said...

First off, here is a rundown of questions asked by West to Biden and McCain. They are near the end of the article:,0,5063691,print.story

She asked difficult/embarassing questions of both McCain and Biden.

The press conferences allow questions to come from the audience, as opposed to just delivering the stump speeches.

I recall you wanting to hear from Palin, yet now you don't want the rest of us to hear from Biden or Obama.

Look, I understand that your ticket is leading. They don't have to play offense at this point, only defense to make sure they don't screw up. Biden is a walking time-bomb. It's not a matter of "if" he will say something stupid, but "when". He already says dumb things when he's SCRIPTED. I can see why Obama wants to keep him away from open mics at this point.

Some sectors of the press are turning up the heat (like West, and the Philly TV station). As those clips get more and more hits on YouTube, and circulate the Internet, some people will begin to ask questions.

Will it make a difference?

Ask me in a week. The polls do show the race tightening, however.

Danielk said...

Tightening? Not the only poll that matters.

wamk said...

So I assume you be putting next month's rent check on Obama then, right?

The only poll that matters is the one on Nov 5th.

Did you follow the link I provided? Were the questions embarassing/tough to both men interviewed?

Danielk said...

If you're asking my opinion, I think the questions she asked Biden are roughly ten times worse; what's more she's painting McCain as a loser and Biden as Satan. So her beef with McCain is that he didn't prevent Biden/Obama. Yeah, biased.

Publius said...

I wonder, Daniel.... do you agree that politicians should cut off the press and remain unavailable for comment?

Seems to me I recall you carping about Palin not being available to the press hateful of her.

Are you excusing Biden for doing what you castigated Palin for?

Is that consistent of you?

Danielk said...

Two things Publius - I'd more favorably disposed toward this journalist if she would talk to Sarah Palin and keep the similar level of bile turned up.

As to your main point, about Palin: You're misinterpreting. I don't want Palin to do more interviews because I want to see ALL politicians interviewed. I just want to see her interviewed, because it seldom fails to entertain.