Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Next Big Thing

Pretty rough 48 hours on the GOP. Between Ashley Todd's illusory attack and the judge saying "yeah, of course he's a citizen, duh" the barrel o' talking points is emptying fast.

So what's next? I only see recycling.

Reverend Wright comes back, finally with "I'm John McCain and I approve this message" attached. Could be fun, just for the racial sidestepping.


Obama is the Anti-Christ!

My thinking is fear of racism charges, plus a desire to pander to the base, gives the latter talking point the best shot. Plus it would most likely be handed off to Palin, which would be f***ing hilarious. "I'm not saying he IS the Anti-Christ. I'm saying let's investigate." 

These are the national approved strategies of course. What comes outta the woodwork is anybody's guess. 


Publius said...

Well, at least if Obama IS the "anti-Christ" he wouldn't even know it. He has believable deniability that way.

Publius said...

By the way, Daniel... Stone's "W" is tanking BIG TME -- much to my delight.

W. for its second weekend in release. Well, it ran out of steam. QED International/Lionsgate's Bush biopic sank 58% to No. 8 with $1.5 million Friday from 2,050 dates for what will probably be a $5.2M weekend. The $30M negative cost film should end up with $23M domestic box office gross by the end of its North American run. That means, with a $25M P&A investment and Lionsgate's distribution fees, the film won't recoup.

Danielk said...

We disagree about what that proves though. I think people are disappointed the movie isn't as mean to Bush as the ads implied.

Publius said...

... and I say people didn't go in the first place because they assume it's mean to Bush.

The failure is the advance pub, not the post release pub.

Danielk said...

Oh, BTW, I wouldn't worry about profitability... don't forget that there are also foreign sales.