Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Great Mystery of Our Age - Solved!

Two bits of information from the past few months provide an answer to something that has been vexing the Bush Administration for five or more years. Item one:

The guy who is the head of McCain's transition team was, at one time, a lobbyist for Saddam Hussein.

McCain, when asked how many houses he owns, claimed he couldn't remember.

Well, it's pretty obvious what's going on here, don't you think? At least a few of those houses are being used to HOUSE SADDAM'S WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

That's why he was so hawkish on the war, because he knew Hussein couldn't fight back! Poor McCain is now in a bind, because he's no longer getting rental payments from Hussein, yet he can't sell off the stock for fear of drawing attention to it. He was probably betting on that president money to help him out for the next four years, but it's not working out and that's why the tone of the campaign is so desperate. Sorry John! Maybe you can keep a few missiles for Castro to tide you through the lean spots. Not our problem!

I don't know if Paulie reads this blog, but I'd like to invite him now to prove me wrong.

***Update*** Al Quaeda backs McCain! Maybe they're protecting their investment, eh?

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