Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Joe The Couture Consultant

You know the candidate of the real America? The one who is the champion of the non-arugula-eatin' common man? She bought $150,000 worth of clothes for the campaign.

But it's okay, because she didn't use her own money. The RNC bought the clothes, she's just BORROWING THEM, much in the same way that Ted Stevens BORROWED all those home improvements that he's on trial for.

However this one plays out, rest assured that the process of selecting the clothes didn't take time away from her campaignin' or readin' anything that's in front of her. I mean, take a close look at the scarf. (See comments below - the $150k didn't go towards the scarf. That's one cheap shot down!)


Publius said...

Wow. You're right. We CAN'T have a woman who likes clothes as VP.

Why, oh WHY have I not seen this before??? There's people starving in Africa. There's governments wanting to create nukes to use on us. There's terrorists everywhere... HOW could we be so stupid as to vote for someone that like clothes!!!???

Yep, the clothes thing is a deal breaker.

Oh, the humanity.

From now on, I'll only vote for a woman that doesn't wear clothes. No pastel panstsuits, no skirts and blouses.

Just NEKKID, er they don't get my vote.

wamk said...

Not that the facts ever matter much, but the scarf was given to Palin at a rally in Reno by someone in the crowd.

If you go to image #15, and click on the "caption", you'll see where the scarf came from.

In the previous images, Palin is sans-scarf.

I don't know who is more stupid-those that would think that the person who wardrobes the candidates wouldn't recognize that it is a Democrat scarf, or the people who mindlessly promote the image.

Danielk said...

Thanks for the heads up on the scarf - it's a side issue, but I do my best to keep the joke stream pure.

Strictly speaking this whole cost-of-Palin's clothes is a side issue, but this is proving to be a campaign based entirely on side issues. As ususal.

Danielk said...

By the way, Publius: I don't know if you're married, but rest assured in woman's clothing there is a middle ground between nudity and $150k for clothes. Plus Palin could have found many of those items at Ross for over 50% less!

wamk said...

Hey, how much did those Greek columns cost for Obama's Convention speech?

Publius said...

Not only the columns, wamk, how about the fake presidential seals, the airplane without US flags, the Obama flags, the soviet style Obama posters... any number of unnecessary communist-esque Obama paraphernalia... how much did all THAT cost?

wamk said...


At yet the NYTimes only has the Palin wardrobe "story" above the fold on the front page today.

Hard to understand why that paper is losing money.

Danielk said...

I take your points; and I'll add that the real meat of this story isn't an attack on Palin. It's an attack on the RNC for being so off message. Palin could look good in much cheaper clothes, and that would have been a lot more in line with her hockey-mom narrative.

The DNC is sensibly throwing its money into props to make Barack Obama appear comfortable around presidential symbols.