Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Actions Have... Never Mind

A week or two ago I was batting around the Mark Sanford scandal, and one of my Republican correspondants said, "well at least we drum out OUR scoundrels!" No, he didn't use the word scoundrel. I can't remember what he said exactly, but that was the gist. So let's see:

Mark Sanford - he's so out of office now! Except he's not quitting. And it looks increasingly unlikely that he will. Argentina is not a bridge too far, after all.

John Ensign - permission to jump ship? No, cap'n! Maybe he was going to quit but his parents forbade it, after having invested so much money in his job already.

Larry Craig - He's out! He's totally out! Man, is that guy out! Of office I mean. However, he left due to term limits.

I was going to say that no Republican quits when they're involved in an ethics imbroglio, but those kinds of generalizations are usually wrong.

Wow this is pretty snarky, even for me! I blame the material.


wamk said...

Maybe we are learning from our respected friends from across the aisle. Folks like:

William Jefferson
Cynthia McKinney
Charles Rangel
Barney Frank
Ted Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy
Nancy Pelosi
Diane Feinstein

Shall I go on?

Danielk said...

Sure if you'd like me to as well. However my point isn't that there are no scoundrels on the left; obviously there are and always will be. My point is that it's unwise to claim that there aren't'