Tuesday, July 07, 2009


My friends on the right have made much of this graph:

The light blue line is the prediction of where unemployment would be without the stimulus, according to the Obama administration in February when they were selling the plan. The dark blue line is the prediction of where it would be WITH the plan. The dotted line: how things have actually played out.

Why should we BELIEVE these people, my friends on the right cry. The stimulus has only made things worse!

Here's my mitigating factors now, and please wait to call me a stoopid moran until I finish.

  1. The prediction was made, obviously, before the stimulus bill passed. And while it's true that no Republicans voted for it, the REASON they gave for not voting for it was that it spent too much money on jobs for people. Money was shuttled from job creation to tax cuts. These same Republicans are complaining now that the stimulus hasn't yet produced any jobs. And also participating in Tea Parties because they don't believe there were any tax cuts.
  2. There's no way of knowing if, say, suspending tax collection for a couple of years would have produced more jobs by now. And if you're selling less (which is inevitable if people are spending less, and they will be because they don't have jobs) then you're paying less taxes anyway.
  3. The curve of that graph, you'll notice, goes beyond this month. It's early. Stop screaming.
Okay, done! Tell me I'm and idiot and don't explain why.

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Publius said...

I don't recall any Republican saying "too much money is being spent on jobs for people." The contention was that NO JOBS were being created. But if any Republican was saying that, he is an idiot.

Here is why anyone with a lick of sense should be against the "stimulus." There ain't none. Stimulus, I mean.

-Government does not "make" productive jobs
-Government can only increase burdens with meddling
-All so-called stimulus money is OUR TAXES
-Taxes go up with such foolish spending
-"Stimulus" money does not go to jobs, it goes to Democrat's pet projects that fills pockets of political friends
-Just like So. Sec., it isn't about "helping" anyone, it is about ensuring future votes

Now, where did the "suspension of taxes" idea come from? Who wants that? Government NEEDS some taxes to stay afloat, after all.

Lastly, the blue chart is all built on lies all the way around. There is NO EARTHLY WAY to determine what jobs are created, saved, or to be lost in the future. It is impossible. Can't be done. In fact, the government constant revises jobs lost IN THE PAST because it finds more data all the time.

They can't even get PAST job status right. How do you expect they'll get crystal ball reading right?

That chart is a lie. It would be a lie if it said that the stimulus is a failure, it would be a lie if the chart said it was a success, it would be a lie if it said the stimulus was only middle of the road. It's a lie because the stats that such a chart could be built on are not possible to prove true.

But, we know from experience that government is almost the best example of pure waste, corruption and fraud. So THIS is why we know the "stimulus" will not work, will make us all poorer, and will hurt us for the future.

Ignore the blue chart. It is meaningless Obama propaganda. As to the red line, it may reflect what the current job situation is, but based on the fake numbers from Obama in the blue lines, it only means that Obama lied spectacularly.

And you aren't a moran. Just a typical liberal brought up on feels-good lies.