Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Now There's A Coincidence

Everybody who is working to destroy America, it turns out, is non-white! (Okay, not Soros, but he's not doing the heavy lifting). Anyway, isn't it odd to not see Arianna Huffington, RudePundit, John Amato, Jane Hamsher... you know, dangerous caucasian liberals.

h/t Wonkette, but the racial observation is mine.


Warner Todd said...

Only a half whacked liberal can see racism when the only point made in that video was ideological!

I'd say that anyone that only see a racial component would be one of those trying to destroy America WITH that ideology. After all, who else would want to obscure the ideology under discussion to pretend that "racism" is the point?

So, when do YOU get your check from Soros, Pikie ol' pal.

Danielk said...

So you think that Cenk Ungyur is more dangerous than Ariana Huffington? I mean, why THESE bloggers?