Friday, July 10, 2009

CNN Poll Says Obama's Approval Has Plummeted

I don't dispute a single word in this article, and I'm still happy with it. My favorite pull quote:

Half of those questioned say the Democratic Party's control of the U.S. Congress is good for the country. Forty-one percent say it's a bad thing.

OMG, 41 percent think Democrats controlling Congress is bad! We're doomed in 2010! DOOMED!


wamk (at John Wayne Airport) said...

What is the margin of error on that poll?

Danielk said...

Same as usual, about 4% in either direction. So It could be anywhere from a 55/37 split to a 46/44. Either way he's still more approved than not.

wamk (landing in CO) said...

It's actually 3 points. The poll is also 2 weeks old. Think his approvals have gone up, down, or stayed the same during that time?

Before you guess, you might want to take a look at the other polls and their trends over the same period.

But hey, if you like the general demeanor of a 2 week old poll, and act as if it current today, more power to you.

Danielk said...

I'm willing to stipulate that in the last three weeks Obama's numbers and the Democrats' have gone down. But after a few high-profile scandals and Sarah Palin's largely unexplained exit from politics, how do you supposed Republicans are faring this week? Better or worse?

wamk said...

Republicans don't really have to worry right now. This is your game to lose, moreso than it is our to win. The Party is in the process of shaking itself together, and a National leader will emerge.

Just like many in 2008 that voted for "anyone but Bush", there will be a large crop of "NoBama in 2012" folks. That's how politics works.

I have no doubt if my Party nomimated Mickey Mouse for 2012, he'd see record support. If things continue to decline in the economy (as they appear to be doing thru at least the end of 2009), your soft middle will disappear.

Publius said...

I think the amazing thing is how Obama's supposedly stellar ratings have resulted in a near 50/50 split only SIX MONTHS into his presidency!

I'd worry if I were a Democrat.

wamk said...

But Publius, in Piker's mind, since Obama is still seeing higher than average numbers (as compared to other Presidents at this point in his term), everything is golden.

He chooses to ignore that the numbers coming down so far, so quickly means anything.

He feels it's only natural that Obama's numbers come back to Earth, since they started up so high to start with.

Somehow he always glosses over all the numbers on the issues, and merely focuses on Obama's popularity. I don't know why he "forgets" that popularity numbers get dragged down by issue numbers.

Just ask Geroge Bush from 9/12/01, George Bush from 9/12/03, and George Bush from 9/12/05.