Friday, July 31, 2009

Quit! Making Things Up

Ronald Reagan. Very popular President. Has earned the respect of a nation. I mean really, what kind of frivolous nutball would publicly dis Reagan?

Palin was slated to attend on Aug. 8 the 50th anniversary gala of the Simi Valley Republican Women, Federated, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. It would have been her first public appearance since leaving office and had been widely reported by media outlets.

Pat Saraceno, the spokeswoman for the Simi Valley Republican Women, said they found out Thursday that Palin wasn’t coming.

“I had direct knowledge as of yesterday. I am not going to comment on how or from whom,” said Saraceno.

“There’s no harm, no foul. We always respected the (former) governor’s right to change course.”
Good grief! It's like the only man that woman respects is John Zeigler!
Up to 900 people were expected to attend the event at $100 a ticket for members and $150 for non-members, but media had been barred from the occasion.

A message on the group’s Web site Friday said they “were honored by her consideration” and the gala, which will be hosted by talk show host John Ziegler, is still going ahead. They are offering refunds to those who had purchased tickets for the gala and who no longer wished to attend.
I can't wait to see how long she sticks with the radio gig.

(h/t Wonkette)

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