Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Is This Thing Called Obama

I was listening to Obama's press conference last night as I drove out to Beverly Hills to see Jeff Goldblum play piano at a hip lounge there. Goldblum is beside the point. Focus, people! I will confess that despite my reservations about the health care bill, I found Obama' remarks unsurprising but comforting. It was a variation on the usual "chill out bitches, I got this" that characterize most of Obama's public appearances.

But I've taken some heat at Where Are My Keys lately for being a guy who knee-jerk approves everything Obama says and does, and I'm a little self conscious about that. It was suggested that I'm like those crazy 27% of Bush approvers, the ones who held on as the rest of the nations peeled away. I fear there may be some truth to that. I have criticized Obama 'round these parts, but only because I thought he was being too much like Bush, or holding on to too much of the Bush policy legacy. And I certainly never bad mouth the President over at WAMK, because it'd be the strategy equivalent of diving into a shark tank and jabbing my thigh with a pen knife.

Sooner or later, as Obama compromises more and more towards Republican policies, I may likely write him off like that last handful of Republicans wrote off Bush after TARP. So there is an end in sight. On the other hand, I don't see a similar reversal happening on the other side. No matter how much Obama upholds conservative policies in the future, I can't imagine these guys budging. Some will proudly agree with me, others will claim that they're going to be open minded, but actions will speak louder than words on this.

Goldblum, by the way, plays a mean jazz piano. However, he has the weirdest body language of any musician I've ever seen save Joe Cocker.

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Publius said...

When I see "open minded" I think of libs that are so "open minded" that nothing can stick IN there long enough to become a principle. "Open minded" is a lib way of saying "you should agree with me." "Open minded" is a joke, a canard, a false front.