Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Non-Racism: Our Post-Racial Society

Here's how it works. The behavior below isn't racist.

Officer Justin Barrett, 36, a two-year veteran assigned to District B-3, was placed on administrative leave pending a termination hearing yesterday afternoon. When a supervisor confronted Barrett about the e-mail - in which he called Gates a “jungle monkey” - he admitted to being the author, according to officials.
However, my implying that racism exists? THAT'S racist!

Hey can you blame me for not grasping this easily? It's what you call counterintuitive, man!


Publius said...

I love how you set up a premise that you then knock down. So, the REAL question HERE is.... who said that the "jungle monkey" email WASN'T racist?

Danielk said...

Ok, I'll compromise - he's racist for throwing around the term Jungle Monkey and I'm racist for implying that he's racist.