Thursday, July 16, 2009

Take The Money And Run

Governer Rick Perry of Texas is asking the federal government for a loan.

Texas has known for months that the funds to pay unemployed Texans were running dry."The balance is depleting faster than we expected," Texas Workforce Commission officer Ann Hatchitt said.Texas is now asking the federal government for a $170 million loan so that benefits keep getting paid.
Rick Perry... where have I heard that name before? Oh yeah!

Governor Rick Perry rejected federal stimulus money that would have replenished the fund. Perry said the stimulus would have expanded eligibility and cost more to business owners in the long run. Many are now questioning that decision.

"That $555 million would that would have come with the stimulus money wouldn't have to be paid back to the federal government and that would have saved business taxpayers money for the next 20 years," said Rep. Mark Strama, D-Austin.
Rick Perry hates business, and endorses deficit spending! Wait a minute... that clever bastard! I forgot that he is also the guy who keeps threatening to secede from the union and make Texas a separate landlocked nation! Obviously his plan is to borrow the money, then secede, then just forget to pay it back. He doesn't want it for unemployment benefits at all - he's stealing for moving costs!

I bet the second he's done, he changes Texas' phone number so the US can't call and say, "hey, where's my money dude?" He'll probably give the number to Florida but make them promise to keep it a secret.

Texas - once jewel of the American West, now America's deadbeat cousin.


wamk said...

Just to be clear:

You are in favor of him taking $555 million that doesn't get repaid, but against him taking a loan of $170 million that does get repaid, presumably with interest?

Danielk said...

Well, it's an interesting dilemma, and it's best answered by the Texans he serves. There are some estimates that he'll have to borrow, ultimately, about $650 million before the state gets back on its feet again. So Texans will have to pay taxes to pay off that larger loan now as well as whatever federal taxes they have to pay.

Am I in favor of him taking the loan? Yes, because it means more money for the rest of us. But then, I have no say in his reelection.

Warner Todd said...

I am all for taking as much away from Washington as can be taken. Unfortunately, I am also for taking away their tax revenue, too. I got the first one with Obama, but the second one we are ALL getting creamed on.

For a "new era" he sure is just like the old era. Tax and spend, tax and spend, waste and tax, corrupt and waste, tax and tax. And what do WE the PEOPLE get out f it? Just more bills to pay so that Obama and his buddies can tour the world on vacation.