Monday, July 20, 2009

Sotomayor Confirmation Proves It!

I've been beating this drum about Republicans and racism and here comes another clue - it looks like quite a few of them are going to vote for someone they have publicly said is a racist, to be on the Supreme court. I mean, they're being blatant about it!

Sure some senators with spotless reputations on race relations, like Jeff Sessions, are willing to speak up against her. I hope he's not lynched!


Warner Todd said...

But, I thought you wanted her confirmed? Now you are against them voting for her? Make up your mind, will ya!

Danielk said...

You're onto me, WT. My point is neither about Racism nor hypocrisy; it's that Republican narratives are so changeable and self-contradicting that you might as well be getting your talking points memos from Britney Spears.

Warner Todd said...
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Warner Todd said...

(Sorry spelling error in the one I deleted)

But, wait... why aren't yours all "changable"? First you're for her, then you're mad they are for her. Which is it?

But, I am curious. Where in the article that you linked did it say that Senators that "called her a racist" have reversed themselves and are now voting to confirm?