Thursday, July 16, 2009


I am frequently impressed by the ingenuity displayed by people in business. I have two examples in mind today, both involving clever advertising and prostitution. Let me add that while I have known a prostitute, I have never KNOWN a prostitute, if you can smell what the Rock is cookin’.  So my interest is academic.

First, the occasion of my seeing a billboard for HUSTLER CASINO on the way over here. Gambling is illegal in California, except on Native American Reservations. And prostitution is illegal everywhere in the state. However, by buying a stake in a native American Casino and branding it, Larry Flynt is de-facto implying, “hey, this place is just like in Vegas! And you know what that means!” And though I haven’t driven out to Gardena I bet he’s right. Thus, they are cleverly advertising a service that they can’t even say exists.

However this is pretty weak sauce compared to a website I ran across a few weeks ago. Again remember that having sex for money is illegal; UNLESS you are producing pornographic entertainment. This company is running a “star in your own porno” ring. I’d link to it if I could remember the address, but it’s Encino based, and Encino is Reseda-adjacent. Reseda, 30 years after BOOGIE NIGHTS, is still mecca for porno.

So the pitch is, you can shoot a scene with one of their four “starlets” for only $150 (or some amount) and then they’ll release it on a compilation. If you want to shoot a scene JUST FOR YOURSELF, no public release, then it’s another $50. I suppose if you’d like them to shoot the scene and then just delete it, it’s even more.

Brilliant! Unless you’re a guy who wants to pay for sex but is also camera-shy. Or a celebrity.

And again if you’re thinking what I assume you are: I am not camera-shy, but it bugs me that I have to pay for a HAIRCUT. So put that idea outta your head.

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Publius said...

OK, speaking of advertising. I was looking at my wife's shampoo bottle. She is using this stuff called "Fructis" -- which sounds to me like a skin disease... I have "fructis," what do I do?-- anyway, on the bottle it claims to have special "micro oils" to make hair shiny.

OK... so what the heck is a "micro oil"?

How can you have a bigger oil, a smaller oil, or a micro oil? How does one "size" an oil? Isn't an oil, is an oil, is an oil? I'm starting to sound like George Carlin saying "How can there be Jumbo shrimp? Is it a shrimp or is it JUMBO?"