Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Credit Where Credit Is Due

I didn't see the recent Obama Town Hall, but I hear some stir was created when a homeless woman pled for help.

Henrietta Hughes — a petite, elderly, African-American woman living out of her car — asked Obama for help. “I have an urgent need,” Hughes said. “We need something more than the vehicle and parks to go to. We need our own kitchen and our own bathroom, please help.” Obama then walked over and hugged her, saying that he was “going to do everything we can.”
Help has indeed stepped forward in the form of Chene Thompson, who is the wife of Florida Representative Nick Tompson. Nick is a Republican.

“Basically, I offered Ms. Hughes and her son the opportunity to stay in my home rent free, for as long as they need to,” said Thompson. “I’m not a millionaire, I’m not rich, but this is what I can do for someone if they need it.”
This is an example, seriously, of Republicans walking the walk. Rather than pushing for public money to help Hughes, a private citizen steps in and offers charity. While I think it's an extreme way to deal with homelessness, I sincerely admire the gesture.

(h/t Think Progress)


Publius said...

I liked Julio the other day. You know, the halfwit that was thanking Jesus that he was allowed to talk to The One? The Julio that said he was learning to be a "communicator" yet hadn't the intelligence to put three words together in a sentence? The Julio that asked The One if he could force McDonald's to give him stuff? The gap toothed, yokel that barely had a command of English and sounded like Cletus on "The Simpsons"?

Yeah that Julio. I found him to be a typical Democratic voter, really.

Danielk said...

You know, a local TV station hired him today. To quote that kid on the Simpsons, "ha ha!"

Publius said...

Check back with me after they have quietly dumped the half-wit.