Monday, February 16, 2009

Republicans Hate Our American Traditions

I was just listening to a clip of Boehner complaining that no one had time to read the stimulus bill before it was voted into law. Meanwhile, over at Where Are My Keys there is a groundswell of outrage that even though the bill was sold as an emergency, President Obama isn't signing it today!

It's President's Day, on which we honor Washington and Lincoln, our two most beloved Presidents. Sure, we could defile their memories by treating it as just another day to conduct business on...


We could use the day to read the Stimulus Bill! Maybe one could start with a word search, looking for a single instance of the words "mouse" "mice" or "Las Vegas." For fun you could find the part where it makes you give up your guns.

Or you could spend the day demanding that our President ignore our national heritage and rush out to sign a bill that you've spent the month reviling. You're free to do either. This is America!

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Publius said...

I find it amusing that you guys are suddenly all worried over "traditions."