Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Kind Word For Jindal

To be fair to Bobby Jindal and his response to the Obama speech, Amy Sullivan at Swampland points out that the response to State of the Union addresses almost always sucks:

Speakers from both parties suffer from the constraints of The Response, which is never a rebuttal of the State of the Union but rather a collection of partisan talking points unmoored from the speech that preceded it. With the president's words so fresh in listeners' minds, the responder often can't help but sound like either a liar or an idiot...Democrats gave their share of creepy responses over the past eight years--I can't be the only person still scarred by Nancy Pelosi's unblinking delivery in 2004.
I hear Jindal is actually an intelligent guy (some say "wonky") and we need more of them in Government, not less.

BTW, I know this wasn't a SOTU address, but it might as well have been.

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Publius said...

Jindal's speech was great... if you read it. His delivery was horribly amateurish.