Friday, February 13, 2009

A Word Of Advice To Our Fine Representatives

The stimulus package passed in Congress today with no Republican votes.

Had you guys voted yesterday before even negotiating with Republicans, it would have passed with no Republican votes.

Stop negotiating.

I'm just kidding actually, because the gesture might buy a little sympathy in the Senate. I doubt it seriously, but by the end of the day we'll see if I'm wrong. They're sure going out of their way to avoid a deal though, aren't they?

I was on vacation in Mexico with my ex once, and a guy tried to sell her a pair of sandals for $10. "I'll give you $3.00," she said. He refused, and she thanked him and started to walk away. "Wait!" he cried, and sold her the sandals, probably turning a $2.50 profit on them.

Congressional Republicans, in the same role, would be up to their ears in unsold sandals. This isn't just a metaphor either; if the economy tanks, a lot of them will have to sell sandals in their spare time to supplement their government incomes. When the sales day is done they'll go on TV and blame the shoppers for their stubborness.


Publius said...

... dude.... SERIOUSLY.... what half informed website do you keep going to that is telling you the Democrats have "negotiated" with the GOP on this Generational Debt Piling Bill? The Democrats have made no effort at all to work across the aisle on this Stinkulus bill! Not a one.

Danielk said...

That makes it even worse! Democrats cut $100 billion from the bill, dropped pet projects, even cut spending to reconstruct schools - all without Republican input! Not only have you become bad negotiators, you've rendered yourselves unnecessary.

Publius said...

I am just happy that this generational debt bill is 100% the bastard child of the Democrat Party in general and one Barack Hussein Obama's in particular. It will be the ax that lops of your head.

Danielk said...

Worst part about the generational debt is that we'll probably have to pay off the $800 billion costs of the Iraq war before we even START on the stimulus package. But at least we got something for that money: we've made the lives of many Iraqis safer. Oh, and we settled that WMD question.