Monday, February 02, 2009

Our Discontent

Six more weeks, says Phil.


wamk said...

How is this possible due to global warming?

Who's lying the fat furry animal with the bad teeth (Gore), or Phil?

Danielk said...

77 degrees outside as I write this. Proof of Global Warming! The matter is settled.

wamk said...

I'm sure the freezing people in Kentucky that Obama is ignoring would disagree with you.

Publius said...

... don't you mean four more years?

Danielk said...

WAMK, I've been meaning to ask you - has the cold in Kentucky resulted in a disaster area designation? I mean, are they asking for Federal help? Because if they aren't, the whole talking point is kind of stupid.

wamk said...

Piker, I know it ruins your talking point, but here is the info from FEMA's website:

Is my point still stupid?

Danielk said...

Only in the sense that this time, FEMA is actually delivering the goods and services in a timely manner, so there's no reason to blame the President.

Folks, read WAMK's blog for background on this one. It has nothing to do with groundhogs.

wamk said...

Yep, timely manner. Some areas haven't seen a soul from FEMA, and are still without power.

People are having to get water from creeks and streams.

500,000 still without power.

Heckuva job, Obama.

Has The One visited the Region?

Didn't a certain candidate for President make the FEMA response to Katrina a central part of his stump speeches?

Obama dozed, people froze.

wamk said...

I wonder what Obama promised on the campaign trail, so that disater relief would be much better than the response to Katrina? Maybe there is some insight on the internets:

"Barack Obama will take the lessons of Katrina seriously and will ensure that we never face the same problems

"Adequately Plan for Emergency: Even though federal officials long knew of the possibility of a catastrophic
levee failure and had several days warning of Katrina’s potential threat to New Orleans, it took four days for
National Guard troops to begin relieving victims at the Superdome, the city’s shelter of last resort. Our nation’s
emergency response needs to improve."

"As president, Obama will dramatically improve
disaster planning. He will work with emergency management officials, emergency responders and other experts
from all 50 states to create a real National Response Plan that provides for real cooperation between states,
locals and the federal government in the face of a disaster."

"Immediately following a catastrophe, Barack Obama will
appoint a Federal Coordinating Officer to direct reconstruction efforts. The job of the FCO and his or her staff
will be to cut through bureaucratic obstacles, get federal agencies to work together and to coordinate efforts
with local officials. Obama will ensure bipartisan staffing to ensure that politics do not override the real needs
of the recovering community."

Danielk said...

Look, there is a difference, but let's cut to the chase. You apparently think that Bush was unfairly regarded during his previous 8 years. I'm inclined to disagree. Can we leave it at that?