Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Younger, Hipper Me

Courtesy my former girlfriend Genie, a shot of me circa 1979. Before I had learned to express emotions of any kind.

My hair pretty much always looked like that, except when I was foolish enough to try to make it do something else.


Publius said...

Do you have a picture of you in the Stayin' Alive, white Disco suit, too? I feel like there should be a glowing disco ball in the room when I look at that pic.

Is that one of those knitted ties? I loved those things and had about 20 of them. I also liked the real skinny ones. Never could figure out how to tie the leather ones and make them look right, though.

Danielk said...

To paraphrase Lawrence of Arabia on pain, the trick isn't making the leather tie look good; the trick is not minding that it looks bad.