Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wow, That Was Some Brief Honeymoon

Oh man, Obama has disappointed me! He signed an executive order approving extrordinary renditions. Given other policy statements, these renditions would be without torture which takes the sting off it greatly, but it's hard to see any of the Bush bizarro-world policies kept in place. I don't like it.

Hey, maybe Rush will approve of this! Maybe this will be enough for him to throw his weight behind the President. Of course that wasn't a personal remark about Rush. How could you think that?

Meanwhile, Tom Daschle has withdrawn his name from consideration for Health and Human services secretary. Daschle had some back-tax problems and thought it best to keep out of the arena, since we already went through that with Geithner. I'd like to see more of this kind of thing. After eight years of the the President refusing to back down on any one who was loyal, no matter how inappropriate the choice, it's refreshing to see people thrown so quickly under the bus.

I guess the takeaway from this all is that the Obama presidency isn't going to make Washington DC the shining city on the hill, but at least it will be a dirty city on a hill instead of a filthy corrupt torture-endorsing crony-laden city in a cesspool. Fingers crossed.


wamk said...

Umm, it's still filled with cronies (Clinton -era ones), Obama has endorsed torture (with keeping and expanding rendition).

I guess your fingers weren't crossed for luck, but because you were lying?

Danielk said...

Moving a prisoner does not automatically equal torture, unless you strap the prisoner to the hood of the car or nose of the plane. Rendtion is moving. Torture is torture.

wamk said...

Sugarcoat it all you want Piker. Rendition is turning over prisoners that we can't house under U.S. jurisdiction to Countries that are friendly with the U.S.

How did Human rights Watch classify "rendition" 6 months ago?

How did Amnesty International classify it?

What do you think will happen to enemy combatants that are transferred to other Countries by the U.S., Piker?

Danielk said...


1. Yes

2. Micklewhite

3. Inseams

You could probably get better answers to stuff if you provide them yourself.

Publius said...

Obama: Change that doesn't have to change anything

Danielk said...

See OBAMA BACK IN MY GOOD GRACES for more on this.