Monday, February 23, 2009


Watching the stimulus debate this weekend (why is it still going on, by the way?) I was taken by an observation: Republicans don't want to spend money, ANY money, to improve the lives of Americans. Which is valid. I can see the free-market alternative to that, though I don't think it's the cure-all that the rhetoric would suggest.

However, how do you reconcile this to the willingness to keep pouring American money into Iraq? We went in there, as I understand the story nowadays, to save the Iraquis from a brutal dictator. And we want to stay in there past the SOF agreement to save them from terrorists and the Taliban.

Republicans, it seems, love Iraqi Muslims but hate Christian Americans.


Publius said...

Once again, you spin to frame the debate favorable to your socialist agenda.

Your premise is untrue... Republicans don't have a problem with "spending money to make lives better." The TRUTH is that the so-called stimulus DOES NOT DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

So, in truth, it is YOU that is agreeing with plans that spends no money to "make lives better."

This bill makes government bigger. And that is it. That does not make American's lives better. It merely makes Democrats more powerful and little else.

Danielk said...

*sigh* I suppose I can be grateful that you stopped at "socialist" and didn't go straight to "nazi."

Okay, here's a fun game I've been playing with my other Republican: if the stimulus bill is worthless, propose an alternative solution. What do you think? Let the market take care of itself? All tax breaks? Go ahead, make a difference.