Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bad Week For Icons

Ed McMahon, you were underestimated for your whole life. I miss you.

Farrah Fawcett, you were underestimated for the first part of your life, then you did some remarkable work. I miss you too.

Michael Jackson, I miss you even more. I have no idea what you were like in private but your public persona was that of our nations biggest weirdo. You were the poster boy for celebrity craziness. Once the king of pop, you became a story to frighten children with. Safe bet: we shall not see your like again.

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Publius said...

Mac was a very entertaining fellow. But he lived a long and eventful life.

I feel bad for Farrah in several ways. Not only do I hate to see anyone suffer with cancer, but she was always discounted as a "real" actor and never got the attention she craved. And what happens the day she dies? She plays second fiddle to the death of the "King of Pop." Poor girl can't catch a break.

As to the child molester... not interested. Never owned a single one of his albums and never will. He was absolutely nothing to me as an entertainer and when I found out he was a piddler of little boys he became persona non gratta in my home. At last, kids in California are a little safer going out to play.