Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here's Why I'm For Free Speech

Wouldn't you rather have these people out in the open, where you can see 'em?

Hat tip Crooks & Liars


wamk (in a waiting room) said...

Spare me your false outrage. I don't recall you having quite the same tone when the Left made a movie about the assassination of Bush, nor the many similar hate shirts directed towards the previous officeholder.

While many of us on the Right are sickened by these signs/shirts just as you are, I'm having a hard time remembering you guys lashing out against those that did the same to Bush.

Danielk said...

It's not my job to be outraged by this stuff on the left. You have it covered. You and Juan Williams.

I never saw the assasination movie, but the impression I got from reviews is that it was no more pro-assasination than ARMAGEDDON was pro-asteroid. And even I'm mistaken, aren't you glad that there was a stoopid Dhimocrat who put it out there, so you could point and say, "that's what they're all like!" Of course you are.

wamk (still waiting, different waiting room) said...

Yep, because that's what I always do, generalize everything.

Rolls eyes.

So a movie about a sitting President being killed is ok, because you didn't see it?

The hate directed towards B ush is light years beyond anything that has come Obama's way since he came into the spotlight.

Glad to see you being consistent and only showing outrage when it is a Democrat being targeted.

wamk (how long can i sit today?) said...

I'm looking forward on reading your post on why it's ok for Obama to keep the White House visitor log secret.

Am I a racist for calling him out on that?

It is good to see that the same Lefties that sued Bush are now suing Obama. Guess there are a few more votes he'll lose come 2012.

Hope and change my ass.

Danielk said...

"Yep, because that's what I always do, generalize everything." To suggest that that's what I said IS generalizing.

The movie is okay, I'm suggesting, because it treats the assassination as the crisis that it would be. FLIGHT 93 depicted the hijacking of a jetliner by Muslims but that don't make it pro-hijacking. I admit the title is pretty sensational. Take comfort in the idea that it's that very thing that probably killed it at the box office.

wamk said...


You think Flight 93 was about hijackers?

I thought it was about American heroes. I thought it was about how some ordinary citizens, knowing they were going to die, decided to fight back to save strangers on the ground. I thought it was about selflessness. I thought it was about bravery. I thought it was about looking deep inside oneself, and making an impossible choice.

Danielk said...