Friday, June 26, 2009

It Doesn't Happen in Threes

During the last few days, we lost FOUR famous people - Sky Saxon, garage-band icon and leader of The Seeds, passed away yesterday. If you don't think Sky counts, you're not pushin' hard enough.

Enough already!


Publius said...

... never heard of him or his band. Sorry. Guess I wasn't trying.

Danielk said...

You probably are familiar with the Seeds one big hit, PUSHIN' TOO HARD. Or not, if you're not yet of a certain age. It's hard to tell behind that beard.

Publius said...

Ah, yeah. I didn't catch the reference in your note. NOW I know the song. I was imagining it was one of those useless, new groups like Pearl Jam er sumpthin. They stopped making rock and roll after about 1979.