Friday, June 19, 2009

The Return of The PUMAs

Remember them PUMAs, the massive bloc of Democrat voters who were so enraged by Hillary Clinton's loss in the primaries that they threatened to write Hil in and split that vote? How'd that work out anyway? I don't recall but I have a vague recollection that some wags suggested the whole thing was a black ops project of the RNC that failed massively. Indeed, my favorite PUMAs packed up and went home.

But by Golly, they're still out there, representin' for my girl Hil!

Check out Hillbuzz! They're keeping an eye out! Here's a posting from the 9th.
1100am – Meeting with Sukhbataar Batbold, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia

Remainder of the Day: being awesome
Admittedly, that's all I could find about her in five pages of posts. But their plate is full! It's only logical that Hillary Clinton supporters would be more concerned with vilifying David Letterman for all those nasty things he said about Sarah Palin. Here they are crowing over their victory in getting Olive Garden to pull its ads from Letterman's show!

Still, how can you believe them once you've seen the massive PUMA protest outside Letterman's studios last week?

No, they're not just fading into the night. Like real pumas do.
***Update: Here's something I'm a little surpised to not see in Hillbuzz.


Publius said...

I never could quite "get" the PUMAs. What, exactly, was the end game for them?

Publius said...

Oh, and what out-of-work professor wrote the mishmash in that PUMA video, anyway? It was all double speak and pseudo intellectual clap trap.