Monday, June 15, 2009

More Non-Racism: Panel 44

Ha ha geddit???? Because who would let a black person be president?

...and now we’re learning about some super-funny racist emails sent out by a
Tennessee GOP legislative staffer for Republican state senator Diane Black.
Let’s meet the charming Sherri Goforth, who sent the image above to god knows
how many people because, ha, a Negro in the White House?
No no, I'm misinterpreting... This is funny because Obama is DEMOCRAT.


Publius said...

Why isn't Obama on that image? Couldn't you find an updated one?

Danielk said...

Mustn't overcompensate, Publius.

Publius said...


Danielk said...

Anyone else want to explain the gag to him? I'm worn out.

Warner Todd said...

Ooops. I just found a story that talks about this image. I had missed it and I did not see those two things in the corner as "eyes." I get it now. If they had put a slice of watermelon in the spot where a mouth would be, I'd have got it.

Anonymous said...

No matter what is said or done...the fact remains Mr. Black President....Obama for real, I want to see his face on a five thousand dollar bill! One thing good about Obama being president is that he has made history and guess what???? you can't change history, so these racist pigs need to just chill and let the man shine!